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Middlesex Custom Carpentry is available for all of your carpentry and construction needs. Since 1999 Middlesex Custom Carpentry has provided building services for all types of projects throughout Massachusetts and beyond.  We handle all types and size jobs from CAD (computer aided design) to the finished product. Skilled workers and licensed supervisors stay with the job from start to finish, making your project go as smoothly as possible.

Our Mission...Is to reduce costs, by simplifing the design/ construction  process. Passing savings to the customer without compromising quality.

Our Goals....To provide superior, affordable  general contracting and quality products and service at very competitive prices.As well as earning your trust and your  business for life,  through excellent customer service and sound building practices.

Our Safety Guarantee.... We believe that workplace safety is achieved through planning, proper training, cleanliness and work site awareness. All our projects are completed using first-rate construction practices to ensure safe construction environments.The site is kept clean and organized, to reduce unnecessary hazards.

Our attitude...Your project is our showroom for our next job. We want for you what we would want for ourselves, Clean, Safe and Well Built.

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